Lund, the City of Ideas

Lund is often called the City of Ideas. It is renowned as the birthplace of many commonplace objects such as the mobile phone, the tetra-pak milk carton and the fingerprint reader to name but a few. The city also hosts some of the internationally well-known companies like Tetra-Pak, Alfa Laval, Sony, ST Ericsson and Gambro. This situation is not likely to change any time soon. With its long tradition of ground-breaking research, its entrepreneurial spirit and its excellent entrepreneurial support infrastructure, Lund will remain a fertile ground for many new, innovative companies in the future. Yet, in order to become truly an open innovative city, a collaborative culture of innovation remains to be cultivated

Lund is to become an arena for pilot testing in live situations. Thanks to the presence of big digital players and the many key initiatives supporting digital entrepreneurship and encouraging cross-industrial collaboration, the city counts many digital entrepreneurs who are trying out and testing their ideas in but also by the city. Every initiative sponsored by the public authorities is centered around the concept of collaboration and open innovation. Efforts are also deployed by the many hubs, communities and incubators to find innovative ways to raise money for supporting the innovative ideas of their members. “Money is everywhere, the question is how to access it.”

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