Lodzkie, a region specialized in ICT

ICT is one of the specialisation areas of the region of Lodzkie. Yet, even if there are good ICT systems and applications (possibly provided by businesses) in the region, there is no guarantee that people will also use them. In order to transform Lodz into a digital launch pad, public authorities need to raise the interest and build digital skills for future users. Based on a thorough analysis of the macro- and microeconomic data, interviews and meetings with representatives of the regional community, a series of areas of smart specialization have recently been identified in the Lodzkie region. They are the pillars of the new strategy for innovation and growth of the region of Lodzkie.

The regional innovation strategy for the Lodzkie region (LORIS 2030) seeks to make a better use of the existing potential of the region and build new forms of competitive advantage by investing in education, R&D and new infrastructures. As regards with the ICT specialization of the region, the strategy focuses on three key elements:

  1. Promoting and developing training programmes related to ICT and e-skills
  2. Publicly supporting open data applications (for health and transport)
  3. Creating an ecosystem for supporting the development of ICT and entrepreneurship.
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