Bristol: the world’s first open city

Bristol is the biggest digital hub outside London, attracting industries in high-tech, clean tech, digital and creative industries. The city is seen as a ‘testbed’ for the Internet of Things, and is the world’s first open, programmable city region. Its winning approach is based on learning from the best examples, sharing own experiences and constantly looking for innovative and inventive ways to operate. Besides leadership from the top, the city’s digital transformation closely relies on the entrepreneurial attitude and cooperation between local champions.

Bristol has long been at the forefront of digital transformation. This position stemmed from the realization that the services provided by the council to the citizens were based on old-fashioned and suboptimal technologies, and they could be potentiated and revolutionized through the use of digital technologies and the Internet of Things.

This led the council to rethink the city’s digital infrastructure, focusing specifically on the identification of new innovative ways to enable citizens to interact with the council and benefit from public services. This subsequently contributed to shape the city into a fertile environment for the development of creative digital technologies.


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